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    Motorbike Insurance

Let’s start with some sobering facts that explain why obtaining motorcycle insurance is expensive and for young riders can be very difficult indeed.

Motorcycling on the UK roads is a hazardous occupation. Government accident statistics for 2004 show that 25,641 motorcyclists were injured and 585 were killed in accidents on the UK’s roads. Not all of these accidents were due to the fault of the rider. Unlike car drivers, motorcyclists are naturally more exposed to danger and do not have the security of four metal sides and airbags to reduce their injury if they crash. So motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users. Despite the expense, to legally use a motorcycle – or any other motor vehicle - on a highway you must have a valid insurance certificate. Failure to do so can result in a heavy fine, disqualification and even imprisonment.

There are three main types of motor insurance policy: Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft and finally, Comprehensive insurance

Third Party Insurance covers the policyholder for any personal injury or damage caused to another person’s property. For instance, if you collide with another road user your insurance will cover the repairs to their vehicle, their personal claim for injury and medical costs, but not the repair of your own machine or your own costs. This type of policy will not cover the cost of replacing your motorcycle if it is stolen or catches fire. Third Party Insurance is the minimum cover you must have to legally use a motor vehicle on a road.

Third Party Fire and Theft is the same as Third Party insurance but covers you if your vehicle is stolen or catches fire.

Comprehensive Insurance gives you the same insurance cover as Third Party Fire and Theft and will also allow you to claim for the cost of repairing your own vehicle however the damage was caused.

The costs vary, with the basic third party cover being the cheapest. You must decide on which cover is right for you. If your machine is not worth a lot, then comprehensive cover may be unnecessary.

The cost of the insurance depends on a number of factors:

    • The type, size and power and value of the bike you buy.
    • Your age.
    • Your riding experience and history. If you have had motoring convictions or a number of insurance claims then you will be considered a poor risk and your insurance premium will be more expensive.
    • Alternatively if you have been riding for at least a year without making a claim you will have earned a ‘no claims bonus’ which will reduce your policy costs.
    • Where you live and where the bike will be kept. Insurance companies are aware of high and low crime areas and adjust their premiums accordingly. Your premium will also be lower if you garage the bike when not in use and have anti-theft devices fitted to the machine.
    • You can elect to pay an ‘excess’. This basically means that you will be required to pay an agreed amount of the repair or replacement costs. This does however reduce the cost of the insurance in the first place.

    Get a motorbick insurance quote online now

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