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    Caravan and Motorhome Insurance

If you are looking for a great deal on your caravan insurance, whether a touring caravan, mobile caravans or static caravans then simply complete our online form and you will be given competitive quotes for your specific caravan needs. Help us save you money with a tailor made quote to incorporate all the risks you require which can include fire, theft, damage and cover for the contents.

Your policy can also include public liability cover, to protect those staying in your caravan.

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Some interesting facts about caravanning in the UK.

You may be among one of the millions of UK residents who own a touring caravan or a motorhome. Whichever applies to you, you need to be aware that caravans and motorhomes are a favourite target for specialist thieves. Each year approximately 5,000 touring caravans are stolen, most frequently from where they have been left when they are not in use, in the gardens or driveways of the homes of their owners.

Caravans are also regularly attacked at dedicated storage sites and compounds where they have been left to ‘over-winter’. Motorhomes are equally vulnerable as they are often left unattended for long periods in isolated places and are recognised by thieves as an easy target. A good touring caravan can cost well over £25,000 to buy and kit out and a large motorhome even more; and while there are many products available to improve the security of all these types of vehicles, the experts will confess that caravans and motorhomes are notoriously difficult to make thief proof. So the sensible owner should give serious thought to obtaining a solid certificate of insurance covering the use and contents of their mobile home.

When buying an insurance policy for your cravan you should consider including some or all of the following:

  • Theft of the vehicle and its contents.
  • Damage caused by fire, flood or storm.
  • Cover for both on a highway and off road.
  • Use in Europe – use in other countries may require a special certificate.
  • Cost of recovery and a replacement caravan if yours becomes unroadworthy.
  • Emergency accommodation if you are delayed overnight.

Be sure that you make clear to your insurer the intended level of use of your mobile home. Motorhomes tend not to do heavy mileage which should ensure that insurance costs are kept to a minimum, but do check that the vehicle is covered by the policy even when it is laid up out of use. Similarly, ask what degree of security is recognised by the quoting insurance company. Most caravans are registered with the Caravan Registration & Identification Scheme (CRIS). This works in the same way as your motor vehicle registration document and gives your mobile home a unique identification number known as a VIN that can be used by the police to check its ownership and many insurance companies insist on CRIS registration before they will provide cover. If your caravan or vehicle is particularly valuable you should consider fitting a tracking device. The installation of alarms, a hitchlock and locking wheel nuts may also help to keep premiums down.

When you leave your caravan unattended, either at home or at your holiday site, consider using wheel clamps and chains that will reduce the chance of it being stolen.

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